Are You Experiencing Possible Symptoms of an Acoustic Neuroma?

Vestibular schwannomas develop as an abnormal growth of the protective covering on the vestibular nerves important for balance and equilibrium within the inner ear. While vestibular schwannomas are benign growths, their location on the vestibular nerves within the inner ear can slowly affect hearing function and equilibrium.  The symptoms of the tumor are usually related to the size and growth rate of the tumor.  Most patients present with a combination of hearing loss on one side, balance issues, and ringing in the ears (tinnitus).  

As the tumor grows, it may result in facial weakness as it compresses the nerve that controls face movement.  In serious cases, large tumors may compress the brain stem and cerebellum and impair the outflow of spinal fluid leading to coordination issues, weakness, difficulty staying awake, and other severe neurologic symptoms. 

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Choose the Arlington Vestibular Schwannoma Specialists at Virginia Neurosurgeons

Virginia Neurosurgeons, established in Arlington in 2001, stands out as the largest independent neurosurgical group in Northern Virginia, providing top-notch, academic-level care. With a rich history of caring for over 30,000 patients from across the U.S., our board-certified neurosurgeons bring extensive training from prestigious institutions, offering a comprehensive and evidence-based approach to spinal and cranial neurosurgery. Committed to ethical and honest practices, we aim to change lives through compassionate, principled care, ensuring patients understand their conditions and treatment options.

Our expertise spans both surgical and non-surgical interventions, guiding patients toward the most suitable path for improved quality of life. We prioritize preserving and restoring neurologic function, offering surgery only when it results in a clinically meaningful benefit. If surgery isn't indicated, we provide non-operative therapies to address individual needs.

Acoustic Neuroma Treatment Options

Our vestibular schwannoma specialists at Virginia Neurosurgeons collaborate with skull base experts in ear, nose, and throat (ENT) to formulate a treatment plan tailored to your specific case.  This subspecialist team-based approach provides patients with university-level care in a community setting.  Treatment options for vestibular schwannoma include:

  1. Observation: In some cases, especially for small tumors or those not causing significant symptoms, a "watch-and-wait" approach may be adopted, with regular monitoring through imaging.
  2. Radiation Therapy (Stereotactic Radiosurgery): Precise, targeted radiation is used to shrink or control the growth of the tumor without the need for surgery. This approach is suitable for smaller tumors.
  3. Surgical Intervention: When necessary, surgery may be recommended to remove the tumor.
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What Causes Vestibular Schwannomas?

While the exact cause remains unclear, genetic factors and a link to a rare genetic disorder called neurofibromatosis type II (NF2) are considered potential contributors. If you're experiencing symptoms or have concerns, seeking professional medical advice is crucial for accurate diagnosis and tailored treatment.

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