Testimonial: Relief from Back Pain Gets Michelle Outdoors Again

For years I suffered from back pain and migraines. When the pain hit, I couldn’t do anything, couldn’t travel, I couldn’t sit in the car for long periods of time and I couldn’t hike which is one of my favorite activities. I was in constant pain and it was always on my mind. Finally I decided enough was enough and I met with Dr. Chandela. After our consultation I just felt an ease with him. I particularly loved that surgery wasn’t the first option for him. As a matter of fact we went through a number of other non-surgical healing methods before finally deciding that surgery was required. I feel like in our day in age so many doctors just want to put you on the operating table immediately, but that just isn’t the way Dr. Chandela does things. He works with you to figure out which treatment option is best for you and dealing with your pain. Additionally, when we finally decided that surgery was necessary, he took his time with me and explained every one of my four procedures clearly and thoroughly.

Now that my surgeries are complete I can say that all the issues he addressed are completely resolved. I haven’t had a migraine since the day before the surgery three years ago. This has dramatically improved my lifestyle because pain is no longer the thing that’s on the top of my mind. Instead, I can focus on the things that I truly love and enjoy.

I have recommended Dr. Chandela to dozens of people including family members and friends and I will continue to do so in the future. His approach is incredible. He takes his time, he is personally involved with his patients, even going so far as to call you throughout your treatment to check on how you’re doing and update you on anything and everything that’s going on with your condition. On top of this, he’s incredibly confident in his ability to treat your condition, but he never comes across as arrogant. On the contrary, in my experience and with everyone I’ve talked to, Dr. Chandela is loved by the people that surround him. To me, this is a huge comfort especially when someone is dealing with issues in your brain and spine. I literally trusted Dr. Chandela with my brain and I would do it again; there’s no greater compliment I can give.

– Michelle A.