Testimonial: Brain Surgery To Treat Arteriovenous Malformation

I was diagnosed with an arteriovenous malformation (AVM), but did not have any pain or other symptoms. After my diagnosis, and before seeing Dr. Chandela, I refrained from heavy exercise and physical exertion over a concern that it could exacerbate my condition.

I was referred to Dr. Chandela by my primary care physician. As I was conducting research, it was clear that Dr. Chandela has a great reputation and a lot of experience. When I finally met with him for my first appointment, I was further impressed by his knowledge of AVMs and his ability to clearly walk me through diagnostic and treatment plans and his willingness to take the time and answer any questions that I had.

Now that the surgery is complete, I have a sense of relief that I was able to get treated quickly and can now move forward with my life. I would highly recommend Dr. Chandela for AVM treatment. He is friendly, happy to answer any questions or concerns and is extremely knowledgeable about the condition and treatment options as well as the associated risks with any given treatment.

– Jeremy K.