For many pituitary tumors, surgery is eventually required.

Goals of Pituitary Surgery:

  • To remove pressure from the vision nerves

  • To obtain a piece of tissue for pathological diagnosis

  • To help control hormone function

  • To remove as much of the tumor as is possible

The most common route by which this type of surgery is performed is termed Transsphenoidal. This means that the surgeon will work through the nose, through the Sphenoid sinus and then remove the tumor from below the brain.

By working through the nose, the surgeon avoids having to touch or open other parts of the brain. So, the risk of damaging an area of the brain or the cranial nerves is very low. Also, there is no visible scar on the outside and the nasal passages heal fast.

Many factors play a role in the success of these type of surgeries. Factors such as individual anatomy of the tumor, nasal passages and bone, consistency of the tumor and prior therapy all have an influence on surgical outcomes.

Conditions Treated

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